A low-noise and efficient air supply provides people with the best working environment. Adaptive ventilation regulation with dynamic pressure control increases comfort, reduces energy consumption and is only activated when needed.

Productivity and creativity begins with a breath of fresh air

Air on demand from a low noise, energy effi cient ventilation system is the best way to ensure high productivity and creativity, when many people are gathered in small spaces.

Create a comfortable indoor climate
Efficient ventilation in classrooms, open offi ce spaces, meeting rooms and anywhere else people meet is a central element in peoples' perception of comfort. A steady supply of clean, fresh air without the discomfort of draughts or noise provide both children and adults with the best and most productive learning and working environment. In such settings, automatic and adaptive ventilation control is a key factor. The challenge is to dose the amount of fresh air to the number of people in the room.

Take advantage of lean ventilation
With LeanVent any guesswork disappears from the equation. By installing a lean ventilation plant, which is designed and controlled according to actual demand, using for example motion sensors or CO2 sensors, managing the indoor climate is easier than ever.

Using special control algorithms LeanVent provides valuable fl exibility in climate management. The system automatically adjusts its performance to the time of day, working hours or holidays or even compensating for summer and winter temperatures and weather. LeanVent dampers enable ventilation at high, low, and very low air flow velocities.

An extra advantage of LeanVent's advanced design is that you can use smaller components, such as ducts, fans and
filters, providing reductions in noise, draughts and not least, energy consumption.

Increase safety and reduce costs

Fumes, smoke and dust all pose a risko to both employees and equipment in production and process environments.

Flexibility and safety first

Ensure employee safety and high
quality results with adaptive
ventilation control.