Take control, comfort,
safety and effi ciency to new levels

LeanVent is a completely new technology (patent pending) within venturi dampers for airflow control, and is based on several new design principles. Using a droplet-shaped built-in closing element that is fastened to the damper casing near the damper outlet, LeanVent controls the airfl ow by pressing against the damper inlet by means of a linear actuator. The damper casing itself has a spherical shape with suffi cient free cross-section area. This allows the air to pass turbulencefree around the closing element and also enables air flow monitoring over the damper itself.

Optimise for efficiency

Optimised sensors and transmitters constantly monitor air and ventilation quality based on pre-set levels, enabling LeanVent to automatically adjust its output, so the environment
is clean, comfortable and draught-free at all times In production and process areas LeanVent ensures efficient and responsive ventilation in order to remove fumes, smoke and dust from the workspace. Not only does this help ensure higher quality products, it also ensures employee safety and a more comfortable working environment. The result is an extremely efficient solution that reduces running costs by up to 70% compared to traditional ventilation systems.

Flexibility and safety first

Ensure employee safety and high
quality results with adaptive
ventilation control.

Create a comfortable climate

Air on demand from a low noise, energy efficient ventilation system is the best way to ensure high productivity and creativity.