Ensure employees safety and get better results with efficient ventilation. With a very short opening time of only three seconds, compared to minutes used by traditional damper systems, LeanVent dampers react instantly to the swift changes in a laboratory's or clean room's working environment, including fume hoods.

Optimise the air fl ow in the challenging environments of laboratories and clean rooms

Laboratory ventilation, including fume hood extractions, demands large modulating airfl ows with short time delays. Due to the many different uses of a laboratory, it is crucial that the ventilation system can handle the various activity levels, removing, for example gases and dust quickly and effi ciently to ensure worker safety and optimal results.

Depending on the actual use or application, the air flow, which can be based on constant or variable suction pressure, is monitored and regulated by LeanVent in accordance with a constant fixed setpoint, and guarantees optimal air flow and face velocity at all times.

The supply air itself can be controlled individually to each fume hood or be combined within a defi ned ventilation zone, which can be monitored and controlled by our broad selection of optimised controls and regulators.

One of the many advantages of LeanVent's drop-shaped damper is that the system can open and close completely in as little as three seconds, if necessary, providing both speed and precision in an environment, where safety is a key concern. The system can also be fi tted with an alarm, which alerts if the air fl ow moves outside the pre-set values, providing an additional safety measure.

Increase safety and reduce costs

Fumes, smoke and dust all pose a risko to both employees and equipment in production and process environments.

Create a comfortable climate

Air on demand from a low noise, energy efficient ventilation system is the best way to ensure high productivity and creativity.