LeanVent passes strict tests

Professor Svend Svendsen from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) tested LeanVent dampers in a research project, which goal was to find new ways of designing energy efficient ventilation systems, which can be used in for example schools, public offices, council houses and appartment buildings.

One of the main targets of the project is to make the ventilation systems so efficient that they can reduce energy consumption, while improving the indoor climate to the benefit of both the buildings themselves and the people, who either inhabit or work in them. In addition, it was a demand that the performance improvements could be achieved with already commercially available technologies.

"The ventilation systems of the future are characterised by on-demand, low-noise ventilation, based on adaptive pressure and airflow control. We aimed for operating
pressures below 20-25 Pa and air velocities less than 1-2 m per second. Our decision to use LeanVent with built-in airflow regulation for our tests was based on the fact, that it currently is the only commercially available damper technology, which can meet all our demands,"says Svend Svendsen.

Efficient and reliable control
The first set of tests at DTU have given positive results, as the LeanVent LERX damper has provided stable ventilation at airspeeds down to 1 m/sec and at all pressures, down to 22 Pa. This is a considerable improvement over the current systems that demand operating pressures between 30 and 50 Pa and airvelocities in the 3-5 m/sec range to achieve the same effect.

"This opens brand new possibilities for on-demand, low energy ventilation in future building projects, and I have recommended that DTU, based on our research, considers using LeanVent in future building and refurbishment projects," concludes Svend Svendsen.

Increase safety and reduce costs

Fumes, smoke and dust all pose a risko to both employees and equipment in production and process environments.

Create a comfortable climate

Air on demand from a low noise, energy efficient ventilation system is the best way to ensure high productivity and creativity.