Save up to 70% in energy bills in process and production applications with adaptive air flow control. Advanced sensors ensure high levels of safety and efficiency for employees, and raise both productivity and product quality.

Increase safety and reduce running costs

Ensure a safe workspace and improve product quality
Fumes, smoke and dust all pose a risk to both employees and equipment in production and process environments. Extraction requires both high air velocities and pressures , which places signifi cant demands on the ventilation system, which must handle large, modulating airfl ows with short time delays.

By constantly monitoring the environment surrounding the workspace with advance sensors, LeanVent automatically performs precise and dynamic reactive air control, enabling your ventilation system to adjust to changing conditions quickly and ensure a safe working environment for your employees.

Save up to 70% energy
The advantages of dynamic control are immediate. The air flow to the area will be better balanced to the actual demands. Therefore, less air needs to be moved compared to non-optimised and less effi cient systems, resulting in an energy consumption that is up to 70% lower than non-optimised systems.

Flexibility and safety first

Ensure employee safety and high
quality results with adaptive
ventilation control.

Create a comfortable climate

Air on demand from a low noise, energy efficient ventilation system is the best way to ensure high productivity and creativity.